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6: Crazee Trazee's Treehouse Farm

Aug 15, 2017

The guys take a couple days off the Bingle All The Way Tour while in Seattle and head up to the mountains in the Pacific Northwest to stay in a strange Air BnB and sample some of the local plants.

Aug 8, 2017

The #BingleAllTheWayTour rolls along to Tacoma Washington where the guys all meet up with one of the funniest comedians working today, Ian Bagg.

Aug 1, 2017

Eddie and co-host Joe Praino are in the schedule location of the #BingleAllTheWayTour in Eugene Oregon with guest Andy Andrist. They are tailgating in the parking lot of the HiFi Club with fans of the show and a couple ballerinas. 

Jul 22, 2017

Eddie Ifft is joined by guest Joe Praino, Houman (San Jose Improv GM), and some dedicated Bingleberries on the first stop of the Bingle All The Way Tour in San Jose, CA. They talk unruly audience members from shows past, mingle with super fans, and the joys of the first day of travel in the Bingle Bus.

Join the Bingle...

Jul 21, 2017

Eddie, and guest host Joe Praino, go to Clifton Ranch in Lake Tahoe to meet the infamous Tony Clifton from Andy Kaufman/Man on the Moon. They talk Andy Kaufman, brothels, and Christmas.